Googling Yourself

Have you ever Googled yourself? I think it’s the funniest thing - I get mixed feelings of fear and curiosity…and then when I click…I feel pride. I’m so truly blessed to have had so many amazing wonderful experiences connecting with people all over the city, in a few countries and also continents. Being a new mother of two has enhanced my perspective about love, life and community - and how much it’s needed -  more so now than ever before. As I throw this out into the universe - I would love to shoot more assignments that involve connection of the human spirit - portraits and events of philanthropists, volunteers and communities that spread the love around along with traveling between the east and west coast shooting editorials that need a visual voice. So lets colab together and see where it takes us ♥

Fab Four Fashion - Girlfriends Extraordinaire

I had the pleasure of meeting these amazing gorgeous ladies at a fashion show and asked if we could work together. I had this vision of just white shirts and jeans - stripping away all the patterns and all the colour of fashion to just showcase their beauty and connection - also because I’m a t-shirt jean lovin’ chica myself! I LOVED that each of them had their own style for this vision too - each of them unique - each of them gorgeous - each of them fabulous. 

If I could transport you back to that day in my studio - I would tell you that it felt like my closest girlfriends gabbing away about music, love, family and life. Their energy is infectious  and I just wanted more. I was 7.5 months preggo and had the best time. Truly a dream photo shoot.

Check out their amazingess here:

A million Muah’s ladies and I look forward to seeing you again!

Cornstarch and Movement

I love having an opportunity to try new things in the studio. Last year is was all about smoke bombs and cornstarch. Thank you so much to Alex Russel of Russel + Sohn for the amazing assisting, talented Hair/MUA Jolene Fleming Makeup Artistry and our beautiful model Natasha ♥ This team was super stellar to work with at Neighbourhood Studio - one of my all time fav studios to work…er I mean play in :D

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